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I have offered nothing but quality leadership to Gor Mahia - Rachier

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Rachier has been at Gor Mahia since 2013 and believes that integrity has been a very important aspect of his leadership at the club

Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier has outlined the source of his success at Gor Mahia in the 13 years that he has been in charge at the club

Speaking in an interview with Radio Journalist Fred Arocho, Rachier said that quality leadership has been the secret ingredient that has seen him lead K'Ogalo to success and dominance in those 13 years.

To expound on quality leadership, the chairman highlighted four things that contribute to it including tolerance, wisdom, being industrious, and integrity.

The Gor Mahia chairman has been un

der a lot of criticism and ridicule in the recent past, something that he insists a leader should be able to tolerant all through.

"It is all about leadership, the quality of leadership. What brings about the quality of leadership? The first thing is tolerance. A leader must be criticized. A leader is usually abused and ridiculed in many ways. The second thing is about wisdom. Being all the time considerate, trying to understand people. The third thing is about the industry, you must work and work extra time," Rachier said.

Rachier emphasized more on integrity as one of the key components of quality leadership, saying that if he did not portray integrity at the club he would have been thrown out long ago.

"The fourth thing that I could say about is integrity. Integrity is central. If you look at Gor Mahia football club, if I was the person stealing money I should have been thrown out long ago. But I dare say that in the 13 years that I have led Gor Mahia you will not point a finger at me and say Mr. Rachier took money or put his hand in the till. Integrity is a very important part of any kind of leadership. Above all, try to understand the people you work with," he added.

Rachier has been at the helm of Gor Mahia's leadership since 2008, seeing the club win seven league titles in those 13 years, concentrating their dominance in the last 8 years where K'Ogalo have emerged victorious in all but one season that went to Tusker FC.

Before then, Gor Mahia had gone for 18 years without winning the title, including finishing a disastrous 11th in 2007 just before Rachier took over at the helm of the club's leadership.

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